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Our references

Here is the non exhaustive list of our references. As you can see, we are able to cover a lot of countries thanks to our ability to communicate fluently in english, french and slovak. We also use the character set UTF8 for our websites, to allow the most of people to read our sites correctly.

DH Marketing (USA) Dynamic Pixel (Australia)
Talevas, s.a.r.l. (France) Ominfo France (France)
Busche, s.r.o. (Slovakia) NM Management, s.r.o. (Slovakia)
Nettel, a.s. (Slovakia) Digital Network (France)
Securiweb (Canada) Yabana, inc. (Canada)
Filegone (USA) TatianaB (Slovakia)
Web Dreams (Belgium) Alcatel Lucent (France)
Sehring Bratislava, s.r.o. (Slovakia) Comenius University (Slovakia)
Pre Záhorie (Slovakia) Proffice, s.a.r.l. (France)
CrossKnowledge (France) Donaubeton, s.r.o. (Slovakia)
Apex A, s.r.o. (Slovakia) Prefa (Slovakia)
Keraben (Slovakia) Afinax (Switzerland)